Schuylkill Choral Society
Schuylkill Choral Society      Schoral Society with Orchestra     Schuylkill Choral Society Director Dr. Mark P. Thomas
Mission Statement . . .

The primary purpose of the Schuylkill Choral Society is to operate a non-profit, volunteer community organization to learn, rehearse, promote and perform choral music. Central to our mission is to provide affordable and accessible entertain-ment to our Community thereby enhancing the cultural life of the Community and creating a deeper appreciation of vocal and instrumental music.

Season 2017-18
  December 2 - 3
  March 11
  May 13
Thanks to our loyal audiences, Director, Asst. Director, Accompanist, Asst. Accompanist, Officers, Board Members and Choir Memebers for another successful season. Check back often to find out what we have in store for you in our 2017-2018 Season . . .